Heats water up and has an auto off once it is boiling. Love it for when we want tea and not microwave our cups.

Chris Whited 【New York】

I had a bit of an issue with the wrong color, reached out to customer service and they were amazing. The pot definitely serves its purpose.

Ameen 【California】

 I brought it to use as a stream pot for my yoni v steam chair and it works great, easy to use and also very easy to clean and put away!

Oquasheau Lewis 【Texas】

If I known how convenient this little hot pot would bought a long time ago. Light weight, easy to use and great for single person. Most mini hot pot as two setting this one as three - keep warm.


I needed a small kettle to heat the water at work. It has a water level of 0.7 liters, which is just a little more than I needed to fill my cup of tea. I'm glad it's light weight and also heats up fairly quickly.


This little pot is fabulous. I live alone and this purchase made me realized that I don’t need those bigger pots. I’ve had it for 2 months. Use it everyday. Heats quickly. Easy to travel with. A real keeper!

Andrew Baird【Oklahoma】

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