About Us

  • About Dezin

When Dezin was founded, it aspired to become a diversified and international industrial group.
In just five years, Dezin has completed the growth and transformation of an international home appliance company.
In the process of shaping the brand image, we insist on the brand idea of keeping up with the times and "injecting" new ideas into the brand in response to the market demand and social reality at different stages, all for the sake of consumers' needs.

  • Brand Development

Since its inception, Dezin's products have attracted many fans with their rich functionality and innovative styling.
From indoor appliances to outdoor portable appliances, Dezin has been meeting the needs of consumers, and it is this spirit of innovation that has kept our sales growing.
Dezin will continue to meet the expectations of our customers and fans by providing high quality products and maintaining excellent service.
  • Corporate Services

Dezin has hundreds of thousands of customers in the United States and Canada.
As a home appliance online sales company. We specialize in the development and sale of electric pan, electric kettles and electric hot pots.
Our products are simple, convenient and environmentally friendly, just to make life easier for everyone.

  • Quality Assurance

Dezin promises that the goods on sale are brand new and unopened for use.We have a professional quality control department to ensure the safety of our products.We have rich experience in manufacturing household appliances and are well known in the industry.


  • Logistics Support


Dezin works closely with all major couriers to ensure that orders are shipped to anyone who wants to purchase our products.

Rest assured that your package will be stored and shipped properly and will be presented to you intact.