Versatile, Took abuse and still works great!

The Good:
! The size of this kettle is very good; seems fairly large.
! The attached lid opens completely vertical so if you need to wash it with your hand completely inside, it will fit easily, unless you are Paul Bunyan.
! The pour lip is shaped well where it allows the water to flow forward/out and doesn't run down the outside.
! The Blue color for boiling and Green color for good-to-go is a nice cool looking feature.
! Simple design and straight forward to use.

The Bad:
~ I dislike the description as "double-walled" which is typically synonymous with a thermos, mug, or like a Yeti that has 2 walls and vacuumed to keep the content (insulated) hot or cold for hours. For Example: Yeti Rambler description is "This tough bottle is **double-wall** vacuum insulated to keep your water cold until the last sip..."
~ I wouldn't exactly call this kettle "double-walled" since the glass has a plastic like outer layer for more like holding/supporting the glass in a single unit with the heating element on the bottom as opposed to providing a thermal insulation function; like a French Press' handle or canister for support. You can add multiple layers of plastic that will have a similar "insulating" effect but it's actually transferring the temperature in or out of the layers.
~ Having said that, while it took a full 5 minutes (Not Bad) to come to a rolling boil for a full pot, then it cooled off fairly quickly, so the warming function is needed to keep it content warm (definitely not hot).
~ So there is absolutely No insulating effects that this kettle can maintain despite their use of the marketing buzzword "double-walled."
~ The base is quite light which gives this kettle a bit of a flimsy feel. There is no functional issue, just moves loosely around when lifting off the kettle; a bit of weight would help for a more firm/solid feel.

The Ugly:
Nothing ugly to report so far. I Really would have preferred a true double-walled INSULATED kettle, but there aren't any that have really passed the test or are a true double-walled insulated kettle . I found 1 that was close for like $80-90 but the reviews were bad since THAT item had glass on the inside and Plastic on the outside and no real way to know how much insulating effect it had. It also had quality defects where it was rusting or corroding inside.

For the price $30~ it's GREAT value, looks way cool, does what it's supposed to do, easy to clean, and keep the water warm. I'm not those water snobs that are like "Oh, I need to EXACTLY 130 degrees F for my tea and 150 degrees F for my blah, blah, blah..... Who gives a Shhhh because in the end, you are going to drink it around 80-90 degrees F AFTER it cools off. It comes to a boil, pour it in and move along. Who stares at their water waiting for that exact temperature? Get your priorities straight!