"Useful for travel meal prep":Dezin electric hot pot.

I travel for business (45 weeks in 2019), all over the world. I prefer to prepare my own healthy meals than eating out. I took this with me on a trip to London. I used an adapter to be able to plug it into the English plugs. Worked great. This is larger but lighter in weight than I thought. There are 2 heat settings, other than that, not variable. The lower setting is still quite hot, and the higher setting boils liquids very quickly. Packed easily in my suitcase.

I plan the order of my meal prep: halved baby potatoes, covered in water, boiled until almost done, set green beans on top and steamed until done. Emptied food/water, then used a pat of butter, put 2 bone/skinless chicken thighs on to cook, flipped halfway through then put sliced mushrooms in. Placed potatoes/beans back in for reheating. Healthy dinner in 25 minutes.