"This saves me $300 and is totally worth it!!!", a customer review from Alaska.

"I just came back from 5 day conference in Las Vegas, you know the hotels do not have microwave, coffee maker or mini fridge because they want you to spend $ on property. Two weeks before my trip I decided to look into this pot to have in my room to cook, because spending $300 and above on meals and snacks alone for myself is out of the question for a reasonable budget for the next 5 days. When it came in the mail I test it out with oatmeal at home to make it was working. ( see video) it worked amazing fast. I was so impressed. When I got to Las Vegas I made so many meals, from Tacos, rice, orange chicken, egg scramble, cooked bacon, Mac& cheese, made coffee etc( meal plan- hit up local grocery store- Vons). I mention to a few my friend who were totally envious I had this awesome pot. All the food in Las Vegas ranges $20 and up if you grab and go or at restaurant it get Higher.

The pot was easy pack in my suit case for check luggage , I’m pretty sure I can carry it on. It is as wide as my hand if I spread out my finger. Easy to clean, just be mindful to add lil water or extra oil when you cook cuz it heat up really fast on the low setting. I didn’t use their spatula( tiny and cute) yet, cuz I had my own silicone that even more helpful when cooking to avoid food get stuck.

I definitely will use it again in the future. Be highly encouraged anyone to purchase this item! The best $39 spend! If your still not sure, buy it and test it out on a few meals at home. This would be awesome gift to anyone even college student or using it Airbnb, Disneyland etc as long you have outlet to plug in."