"Handy Little Appliance!" . Dezin helps with work meal worries

Currently working from home still, thanks to COVID-19. However, we received a department-wide notice of changes once we return to work - no cafeteria (just grab-and-go options will be available), no eating in the breakroom (although we can still use the microwaves and fridges), etc. Our setup prior to working from home is, of course, cubicles. I don't know if we're allowed to have mini fridges and microwaves, but we are allowed small things like coffee makers and those small lunch crockpots that hold like 24 oz. So i figured I would give this a try.

I tested it out yesterday and today. I had grilled a ribeyee to rare over the weekend, which I often do so it will be medium when reheated - this hotpot accomplished reheating a large palm-sized cut of this in about 5 minutes on the low setting. I cooked a frozen pack of veggies in about 6 minutes on the low setting (which included potatoes, which I ate with the ribeye). I didn't time how long it took me to cook a raw chicken thigh, but I would guess it was about 10 minutes. I started it on high to see if i could get the skin crispy - well, I did... but i kinda burnt that side, not realizing how fast it would cook. After searing the other side and turning the heat down, the chicken thigh came out delicious (minus the burnt skin on one side). Water heats in like 2 minutes on high, and spaghetti doesn't take too long to make.

There are people concerned about the instructions that say you can just "wipe it clean." The manual says you can use soap, and vinegar if worried about limescale. I've cleaned it each time with a drop of dish soap and a wet sponge to get most of whatever residue, then added more water and wiped with a dish towel to rinse. Super easy and sanitary without having to submerge the entire thing (which you can't as that would damage it).

I accidentally bought 2 of these, and I was all set to return one of them but after seeing how it performed... I think I will keep one at work and use the other at home sometimes, especially in summer when i try to avoid using the stove/oven and heating up the house. I can see this being extremely useful if you live in an RV, tiny home, dorm, studio/efficiency with no kitchen, work (when/if I ever go back) and yes, even in a home with a full kitchen. :-)