" Great hotpot for heating soup, etc"

I first bought a Salton hot pot and it was a total waste of money: the teflon started to peel off the heating surface after two uses and it was near impossible to clean due to being all plastic inside and having a lid that would not come off. I should have bought this one first. It's all steel inside and perfect for heating soups, water, and other liquidy foods. I have not tried it for actually cooking anything because I just need it for soups. The stainless steel interior is very easy to clean, especially since the lid comes off. It has simple temperature controls and you can turn it off without unplugging it (both features the Salton lacks). Also, it sticks less than the Salton even though it doesn't have a nonstick interior, I think because it heats more evenly. The Salton only heats in the middle so things burn on easily. The inner pot is NOT removable so you can't submerge the unit, but I haven't see any economical hot pots with a removable liner except Crockpots, which take about a half hour to heat soup.

The only thing I would improve is that the cord is extremely thick and stiff and the pot is small and light, so sometimes the cord can make it hard to position the pot nice and flat exactly where you want. Minor issue. This is a really good little hotpot for heating soup or emergency cooking when you don't have a stove.