Dezin electric hot pot change the life.

Not everyone has access to a kitchen. Folks rent rooms or live in converted basement "apartments." Workers have to travel to a job and stay in a hotel.For 10 years I traveled to a city every week to work 2 days there. I resided in several different hotels and cooked many of my meals in my hotel room. Cooking in my room was not only cost-effective, but I was able to avoid a life of fast food burgers and fries.I tried many different cooking solutions (I didn't always have access to a microwave) that ranged from backpacker's stoves to a small rice cooker. The best option was a tiny (7-inch) electric frying pan that I picked up at a discount store. However, this unit is superior to that frying pan.It holds almost 2 quarts and has both a high and low setting. The high setting uses only 600 watts so it won't blow a fuse in the vast majority of settings. It has a very slick non-stick surface and a cool outer shell. It has a very nice glass pot cover, and even includes a little (and useful) spatula as well as an egg steamer attachment.I made toast and then eggs in the pot (the red splotch in the photo with the eggs is hot sauce). I also. boiled 2 cups of tap water in around 3 minutes (that is fast). I poured the water in a cup to see if it would drip, and it poured well.This pot is capable of cooking many different foods. Oatmeal or fried eggs in the morning? No problem. Water for tea, coffee, pasta, or a dehydrated meal? Easy. Grilled cheese sandwich or a hamburger for dinner? Of course!It is deep enough to handle liquids, and the fact that it has a flat bottom makes toasting and frying possible. I recommend this product.