Boiling Hot Water in Six Minutes.

My daughter-in-law raves about her electric kettle. I wanted to try one for heating water for tea and coffee. This kettle holds 1.5 liters (a little over 6 cups) which is exactly the size I needed to fill my teapot. Pushing down the clear plastic switch underneath the handle turns it on immediately. A blue indicator lights up on the front to show that the kettle is heating.The kettle was easy to clean and set up, and I filled it halfway between Min and Max to test it — about 4 cups of water. It came to boil in six and a half minutes, which is less than half the time it takes on the stove. It sat evenly on its base when filled, even though it rocked a little when empty.Even while actively bubbling and with steam billowing from the lid’s vent holes, the kettle handle stayed cool and comfortable to the touch. This was an important feature for me to test; I have tried other electric appliances that produce hot handles along with hot food. This kettle handle remained safe even under boil.The cord is long enough that the kettle sits in the middle of the counter within easy reach. The cord length also means that it doesn’t shoot steam into the bottom of the upper cabinets. I appreciated that the cord cleared the upper cabinet width nicely.The included usage instructions could be clearer. By reading through the entire list I understood that the direction was “Remove cord from wall after use.” But it never actually said that. On the other hand, the instructions for cleaning the item before first use were clear and understandable.I hope to get several years’ use from this item. Looks like I’m a new convert to tea making with the electric kettle.