Dezin kettle:Just OOB, Would Buy Again.

I just unboxed this and ran a single full pot of water to test time, etc.
I know I've owned this for all of 15 minutes, but I'd like to share my initial thoughts:
The Dezin Electric Kettle, Blue-

Packaging: 5/5
So easy to unpack. Two pieces of styro, two plastic bags, one box with a convenient handle on the top.
As I reuse original packing when needed, I really like the simplicity and added handle.

Color: 5/5
I ordered the Blue. As monitors and such are always different, I was wary if I'd like it.
It strongly reminds me of the VW Beetle in Powder Blue. I absolutely love it.
Everything comes in Black or SS anymore, and as sleek as they may be- nothing gives quite the "pop" of "look at me" like a Powder Blue... anything.

Time to Boil: 5/5
Your milage may differ. My old all-plastic kettle takes about 18min to boil 1.7L of water
The Dezin kettle boils 1.5L in 11min. I love that, too.
** I have not tested the keep warm function, if needed I'll edit later is something's not right.

No Plastic Touching My Water: 5/5
Who Needs Silly LEDs?: 5/5
Apparently I never knew I did. Seriously. Watching the aeration swirling, no Dancing! in the blue LED light it was... mesmerizing. I always thought it was some silly gimmick. Heck, It May Be. I don't care anymore. I love it.
Lid That Actually fits Correctly: 5/5
Really Ambidextrous?: 4.85/5
Both my husband and I are lefthanded. My son is righthanded. This kettle that Dezin designed truly is ambidextrous. That is very special to me, living in a world of back-to-front spiral notebooks and vacuum cleaners that track weirdly, to start the amount of things that righthanders would never notice.
The Dezin pours straight. I know it may sound funny, but the old kettle does not.
The ease of putting it on its burner is simple as well.
**The only thing I'd like is a 1.5L line on both sides of the pot. Dezin Does mention it's designed for both handedness but fails to add the marker on both sides. Trivial? Yes. Would it be nice? Yes. Does it prohibit functioning? Not at all. I can still see the line through the pot. But still... kind of makes me a little sad.

Do I Feel The Initial Value Is Worth The Cost?: 34.85/5
Yes. Yes I definitely do. I think I may buy one for my mom sometime soon.

If anything changes in the near-ish future I'll edit.

Thank you Dezin, your kettle has made my day.